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Over the years, I've gotten constantly increasing feedback about my LED series resistance calculator. As a followup, I've developed the LED series parallel array wizard which can do so much more. And I've developed this site as a resource for different people with interest in LEDs. This site has information of interest to hobbyists wanting to use LEDs in projects, and homeowners interested in using LED lighting. I've attempted to take some of the latest information about LEDs in the lighting design arena, and make it accessible to people outside that field. I've also attempted to explain several practical considerations of using LEDs. And finally, there's material about the science behind LEDs, and advancements in technology.

If you're just getting started with LEDs, and want some basic information about how to hook them up, look in the LED basics section. To learn more about lighting your home or business with LEDs, I offer the LED lighting section. The LED science section will explain some of the physics behind advances in high-brightness LEDs. And the practical LEDs section is for the hobbyist who wants a deeper level of technical assistance with using LEDs in projects. And finally, the LED products section showcases some of the very exciting LED products available on today's market.

All the articles are indexed, so you can also use the search form at the upper right of each page to find the LED information you're looking for.

I hope you enjoy this site. I'm pretty enthusiastic about LED lighting--I imagine our descendants will look back at the way we lit our houses and buildings with glass bulbs and laugh at the notion in the same way we view buggy whips as quaint reminders of a bygone era.

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