LED bath fixtures

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Well, I’m constantly amazed at the inventiveness of people, and never more so than when it comes to products with LEDs in them. There’s no telling who would be interested in buying these LED sinks and bathtubs from Italy.

According to the page, the fixtures are made of polyethylene. That’s not exactly a luxury material, but I guess they needed something translucent and waterproof. I’m just saying that if I were going to shell out £1200 for a bathtub, it better be self-cleaning.

glowy bathtub
now you can be bathed in an eerie glow, literally

And of course, if you get these, you’ll want to also pick up a Brighthandle to indicate the “occupied” status of your lavatory.

For most of us, though, I reckon a less expensive intro into LED bathroom fixtures would be appropriate, such as the Galactika LED toilet seat at a mere 250 Euro.

LED toilet seat
I think translucent would have been better than transparent, but apparently this item is a smash hit anyway

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