LED Candles from Hampton Bay

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The charge base measures 9-3/4″ wide by 3-1/4″ deep and 1/2″ tall. It is a simple, unmarked black rectangle with no features other than the barrel jack on the back for connecting the power supply (an ordinary DC wall transformer rated 24V, 200 mA). Three shalllow depressions on the top face of the charge stand align the candles over the coils for effective wireless charging of the candle batteries. The charge base would certainly disappear into your decor given its extremely low profile and simple design. Since the candles will operate while on the base, it actually serves as a platform for displaying them, helping you keep a nice even spacing.

Hampton Bay LED candles
Base in basic black
Hampton Bay LED candles
No features or markings except the barrel jack

The intensity of the light given is quite comparable to a candle. The candles are entirely sealed, so there’s not a flickering shadow cast since the candle body diffuses the light from every possible view angle. The color of the light from these lamps is yellow, and may even look more warm and diffuse than real candlelight. The picture shows a typical votive size candle and a pillar candle next to a Hampton Bay LED candle for comparison.

Hampton Bay LED candles
Pillar, LED candle and votive from left to right

The packaging indicates that the candles will stay lit for 8 hours on a full charge. There is no visible indication of fullness of the charge however, and the candles did light after only a few seconds on the charge base. The instructions indicate that a full charge requires 8 to 10 hours on the charge base. The candles can be lit while on the base, and there’s no mention in the instructions of whether this affects the charging time.

Hampton Bay LED candles
Identical triplets

If you’ve read this far, you may be asking “how does the flicker effect look?” I sure can’t blame you for asking. Here’s a small quicktime movie [407kb] of the LED candles flickering. If you can’t view that clip, I would characterize the flickering pattern as subtle and unobtrusive.


Like LED lighting in general, there are a few specific niches where this product excels. If you need a candle effect in a child’s room, this is an utterly safe way to achieve the effect. In windy outdoor settings, these will never blow out (although they could blow over). Near water where it’s undesirable to have mains voltage, these are quite safe since they are low voltage and completely sealed. For holiday accent lighting with the appearance of candles (especially in windows), these are perfect since they can be safely left unattended unlike candles, and require no nearby outlet to run. These things can go places that are just not safe for a candle, like on a boat or RV.

The Pros

  • Safety of completely sealed, low voltage units
  • Convenience of individual, rechargeable, portable lights
  • Warm appearance of the light
  • Realistic looking candle appearance
  • No electrical connectors on the candles makes them suitable for outdoor use
  • Tap switch works well

The Cons

  • Retail price is high for the fairly simple electronics
  • All candles in every set are identical
  • Size may not work well with existing candle stands or holders made for pillars
  • Comes in any color you want as long as you want off-white
Hampton Bay LED candles
Decorative LED accent lights with a traditional look

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