The LED dance floor craze

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The original MIT LED dance floor project has inspired some imitators it seems, and there’s good reading to be had on their blogs. Let’s take a look at some of these project builders’ sites:

Monkey see, Monkey build is an amusingly-titled project that offers an entire page of rationale for building the project. It starts off:

God, why? I saw the floor, it had to be built.

Clint, the project builder, has an enjoyable writing style, and is doing a great job of documenting the entire design and build process. Take some time and look over his site.

The other team is a bunch of IEEE members from Wahington University in St. Louis. Their site is more matter-of-fact, but has great pictures and videos of the project in action. Their project is for a big dance even to be held November 12, 2005. Will they finish in time? Check their blog for the thrilling progress.

Maybe you’d like to be the next one to build an LED dance floor?

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