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The light bars (part number LB1-B12, $19.95 from superbrightleds.com) are an ingeniously designed series-parallel array of high-flux LEDs, arranged as a single row of twelve LEDs spaced approximately 1 inch (25 mm) on center. Designed for direct drive from 12VDC supply, these light bars are incredibly flexible due to a clever connector scheme and their ability to be snapped into three-inch segments that can easily be joined with connectors. By snapping along scored lines on the board and joining the segments, these arrays can “turn corners,” which is quite a cunning trick.

The board measures 300 x 21mm, with each 75mm segment consisting of three LEDs in series with a resistor and a conventional switching diode. When intact, the board is a parallel arrangement of these series circuits. Each segment (and thus the board) sports 2-pin 0.100” pin headers at each end, clearly labeled for polarity, making it a snap to arrange as many boards as you need in whatever configuration you like.

light bars
pictured with jumpers, sold separately

Although the connectors are standard, Super Bright LEDs also offers them for convenience. The matching connectors lock, ensuring a good connection. They’re also keyed, making it impossible to misconnect the arrays. Another available accessory (not pictured) is a plastic tray that is made to fit these boards, allowing for a very professional installation in applications like under cabinet accent lights. And the switching power supplies offered by Super Bright LEDs are well suited to driving installations consisting of several of these light bars.

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