LED Lighting Myths Busted

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I like a fresh perspective on things, and with the sheer volume of press releases generated recently about solid-state lighting, it’s really refreshing to find someone approaching things pragmatically, and telling the story straight.

So I broke out in a big grin when I came across the article Myths Busted, LED Lighting by Pat Mullins. Pat’s not pulling any punches, and has a good handle on the issues that solid-state luminaire designers are up against.

LEDs have a reputation for long life, but they are also easily abused. Light Emitting Diodes are more fragile than some designers are aware, but electrical or thermal deficiencies in their fixture design will not often cause a sudden failure. Too much current or too much heat for example, could result in a 50,000 hour part lasting only ten-thousand hours.

This is an article worth reading.

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