LEDs that heal

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NASA and Medical College of Wisconsin have a page detailing the medical applications of near-infrared LEDs. I have to tell you, I would normally be highly skeptical of claims like this, which from arm’s length look like pseudo-science. But even though the mechanisms can’t currently be explained, there is substantial researched published in peer-reviewed journals that indicates that LED light has healing effects.

What’s the NASA connection? Wounds heal less effectively in space, so if a treatment can keep an injury from ruining a mission, NASA has a high interest. And LED arrays are small and light, making them suitable for space, unlike say a hyperbaric chamber.

photo: NASA
Healing power of light. Photo: NASA
photo: NASA
Light-emitting diodes promote cell growth. Photo: NASA

Important: This site does not give medical advice. Consult your physician before you avail yourself of any medical products, LED or otherwise.

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